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Leah Sanchez

Adjustable Electric Stove Ceramic Cooktop with 2 Burners for Campervans Caravans

Adjustable Electric Stove Ceramic Cooktop with 2 Burners for Campervans Caravans

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This electric ceramic cooktop will let you get rid of uncooked food . burnt food . oil accumulation . and bland and tasteless food. It can adjust the power . temperature . and time so that you can accurately cook the best-tasting ingredients. Its high power allows you to cook quickly to lock in the nutrients and saves you time and energy. It will be your ideal choice!

Key Features

Sturdy and Durable: It is made of high-quality galvanized iron and an explosion-proof micro-crystal panel . which is sturdy . durable . waterproof . and rust-proof to ensure long service life.

High Efficiency: The electric ceramic cooktop features two high-powered 1200W burners that can be controlled separately with a maximum temperature of up to 700°C/1292°F . which can quickly cook two dishes at the same time while locking in the nutrients of the ingredients.

Timer Function: With its timer function (1min-3h) . you can control the cooking time precisely . so you don't have to stay by the electric ceramic cooktop all the time with greater peace of mind.

Safe to Use: When there is overvoltage . overtemperature of the oven surface (>650°C/1202°F) . or circuit failure . the LED display will show the corresponding error code and beep to remind you . giving you a safer and more secure user experience. And the ceramic cooktop without an open fire is safer to use.

Travel Assistant:With only a suitable socket . it will be a great companion for caravans . offices . campervans . and other limited spaces . so you can enjoy your cooking anytime . anywhere.

High Performance: It has a variety of cooking modes for you to choose from . including steam . heating . BBQ . warm . hot-pot . and stir-fir. The cooking temperature (100°C-640°C/212°F-1184°F) and power (100-1200W) are adjustable to suit different cooking modes and heat requirements.

Fast Heat Dissipation:The heat dissipation holes on the rear side and built-in fan of the electric ceramic cooktop speed up the heat dissipation . so that it can run smoothly and maintain good working performance even after long-time continuous work.

Easy to Clean: The smooth black micro-crystal panel and galvanized iron body do not stick to oil and dirt easily . so you can clean it easily without much effort and time. You just need to wipe it with a wet towel.

Easy to Operate: Its large touch panel and LED display allow you to easily control and master the cooking time . temperature . and cooking mode to ensure the best taste of your dishes.

Eco-friendly Cooking: Compared with traditional gas cooktops . electric ceramic cooktops generate heat through alloy heating wires without a flammable fuel source . so they do not produce harmful substances or gases that are harmful to the environment or the human body.


Safety Lock: There is a locking button on the control panel which prevents children from accidentally touching the buttons during heating and prevents adults from unintentionally changing the settings.

Thickened Micro-crystal Panel: The one-piece thickened micro-crystal panel is high-temperature resistant . durable . and has good thermal conductivity. It is also explosion-proof and waterproof . so you don't have to worry about spilling soup on it.

Anti-slip Foot Pads: The anti-slip foot pads on the bottom prevent the table from being scratched. Also . it increases friction with the table to keep it firmly in place.


It is suitable for countertop kitchens . cabins . offices . studios . RVs . dormitories . hotels . restaurants . etc. It is suitable for all cookware with a flat bottom and temperature resistance.


Please note that the temperature of the thick bottom pan will rise slowly when the machine is started.

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